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26/09/2021 Pointless Vanity

Wassup lads? I just returned to college this month so I thought I'd buy a new possesion to fuel my ego and make me look more affluent around my fellow instrument players (no offence is intended by comparing these people to me) and so I bought a Fender Player Series Strat, this is the only new guitar I've ever owned so its pretty cool to know that no other slimy fucker has bismirched the guitar with their finger juices and eye fluids, I've also never had a wammy bar before so thats fun. It's got a nice sound to it imo and I look forward to using it in the songs I've written for my next collection of bullshit that I hope to release in the summer of next year. Also next month is the 2 year aniversary of me making tunes so thats a thing, Up Slide Demo was uploaded to Soundcloud on the 18th of October and I'm definitely not going to remember on that date so happy birthday to BytheBy (origionally known as Garfy then Ghrandfield) where would modern music be without you? (probably the exact same but you can't prove shit so up yours). Anyway I typed too much, now must sleep for another 3 months.

03/07/2021 Oops

Wassup lads? I forgot to remember to remind myself that 2 monthes ago was the 1 year aniversary of this site! I haven't done anything for it but I'll just say I do enjoy the semi regular (kinda slowed to monthly now that I think of it...) updates, the train don't stop here for all one of you that actually reads this shit.

07/06/2021 New Album

Wassup lads? If you've been on my SoundCloud at all in the last year you will have noticed the non beepbox songs I've released, I've finally finished all the ones I wanted and complied them into an album/demo music compilation bullshit motherfucker, and I've just released it on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, I'd be really thankful if you listend to it.




It is April first.



Wassup lads? I was bored so I added a page detailing the gear I use for music, check it out on the index page if you want to.


Wassup lads? I done another song. thought I'd'd'd'd'd'd'd post it here as well also.

07/02/2021 An Exciting Opportunity

Wassup lads? I've got some news if you care, I think I'm starting a band! Still early days but I do know I'll be playing lead guitar/mandolin, we'll have a singer who plays rhythm guitar and a drummer. We'll be an annoying fuck youish band and we're hoping to start performing this summer if covid get's better or maybe next summer if stuff stays like this.

We've already got a couple songs written and that brings me onto the point that I've not been making as much music for BytheBy recently because I've been putting my effort into writing for this band, we've currently got songs about splash back, a dude who lives in a forest and wears a large hat, and one about going to the zoo and seeing someone you hate. If we can get together at some point we might record some stuff for SoundCloud, maybe. If this excites you for some reason, then stay tuned for bollocks!

So yeah, I know no ones reading this, but if you are and you like my shit, just know that I am making stuff, just not making loads for BytheBy rn. See you in another 2 monthes! Oh yeah I also added some stamps to the site for the funsies.

29/12/2020 Dunno

Wassup lads? haven't been active on here or making music recently cuz I've been pretty depressed again (seems to go on 4ever) anyway I released a couple things on SoundCloud, Reprise: weird noise thing I made in one night because I got bored. Outsider Ally: shitty piece of shit I made monthes ago but forgot I had. and a final thing I made cuz I couldn't write anything good so I thought "fuck this, I'll just make things so bad it's not my lack of talent weighing me down" yeah i know pathetic but thems the deets

whatevaaaaaaaa give a listen if yr even reading this.

18/10/2020 With Apologies

Wassup lads? Just dropped a new track, it came about after I heard this dude called Hanatarash and got inspired 2 freak out with a couple hammers and my guitar. I'll admit, if you don't like very loud noises and terrible guitar (and let's face it, that's probably you) you'll probably violently hate it, I wasn't even gonna upload it, but then I thought fuck it so here it is, check it out if you hate yourself GAH. I reckon it could've done with a bit more screaming, but whatcha gonna do? btw this isn't the song I mentioned working last time, this was something I made over a couple evenings, so stay tuned 4 if I ever finished the other (much better) song, I'm waiting to get a new guitar jack lead so I can use my pedal again and finish it.

02/10/2020 It's Been a Hot Minute.

Wassup lads? Sorry 4 the lack of updates (assuming anyone read this) been busy with college and shit, just made another sort of demo-y thing with my new pedal, it's kinda weird and a bit shit, but I guess that's expected at this point, should be finished some time this week, I'll post again when it's up. Also, the collab album Skeleton Vactaion is coming along well and is aproaching it's completion, you can find it here.

Again sorry my output has slowed to a halt, but since my course started it's basically all I've been doing, really hoping that once half-term comes around I can dedicate more time to music. Also I've just remembered that this week marks one year since I uploaded the first song on my Souncloud, I feel like I've learnt a load more than I thought I ever would, thanks 2 all one of you that actually listen to my shit.

Anyway as I mentioned above I'll probably update again soon with the new song, been a great year hope to keep making music for at least another 16 hours.

PS: If you're curios as to when I'll start being as active as previous, it'll probs be around next July.

12/08/2020 News...

Wassup lads? Get ready for a new sound... Evivrus and BytheBy working together 4 the first time in 5 monthes... coming soon... Skeleton Vacation, an album that stopped a culture war... FIND IT ON THE EVIRUS SOUNDCLOUD IN A YEAR/7MONTHES/3MONTHES/THE FUTURE. first new track Objective Bones listed below.

04/08/2020 New Midi

Wassup lads? I've made another Beepbox song because I was bored and I haven't done one in a while, listen below if you're so inclined.

14/07/2020 New Thing

Wassup lads? I've released a brand new and sexy song, well, not really, 1: It's not finished, It's a wip, 2: It's kinda crappy, 3: I adapted it from a different unrealesed song I done made. so eh. link 2 the song: Bam

10/07/2020 Lazin'

Wassup lads? I'm lazy. That is my fact of the week. Tell the friends.

07/07/2020 Yeehaw

Wassup lads? I aged up on the 5th! Got a new guitar, it's electro acoustic, it's amazing and sounds great, I'm just posting to gloat, because I own 2 guitars now. Expect music with it at some point.

02/07/2020 Rest in Space

Wassup lads? I've been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program recently and I've been having a crisis conscience because of the amount of Kerbals that've died under my watch so I decided to give them a place of rest right here on my site, I'll update the graveyard for as long as I find it amusing. (There are several Kerbals that I've killed that I don't remember how they died, they won't have a memorial for obvious reasons.)

22/06/2020 Wishful

Wassup lads? I've got another song in the works. I've currently got 2 additional songs in the works and I hope to have 6 songs composed, recorded, mixed and mastered properly by... September? I dunno how long it takes, but y'know no one reads this anyway, so like, who cares?

15/06/2020 Bam

Wassup lads? I've released an early version of the song I mentioned in my last post, it's on my SoundCloud if you're curious.

Edit: I uploaded the wrong fucking version, I'll fix it when I fix it.


Wassup lads? I added a page for the testimonials I get everyday, I may add more at some time or other.

Also my house smells of burning plastic for some reason and I feel sick.

Also also I'm working on a second non-beepbox song and hope to get it in an acceptable state by the end of June so watch out for that. (if you want.) (you probably don't.)


I made a new demo, I made it in audacity with recordings of me playing guitar and ukulele and I'm decently pleased with the semi finished result.

(Here's a link to it.)

29/05/2020 ???

I don't know what was up with that last post. I'll update the site with a discogrophy soon.

26/05/2020 Ramblin'

Wassup lads? I'm really bored, it sucks to be bored, but to be boring and bored? fucking inexcusable. I'm faily lucky when it comes to quarentine as I didn't leave the house anyway and I don't have any friends, which is a pretty depressing thought aint it? I'm probably as sociable alive as dead (not implying anything suicidal there) I just don't know how to function socially, I normally just resort to being absurd which don't work too good. I'm plagued by a subtle feeling of hopelessness a lot and spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself like a dickhead. As of late I'm considering joining an anarchist society to do... something, I don't really know why I want to, I'm to useless to actually be of any help but y'know, not like I'm doing anything else. I've had the song Nazi Punks Fuck Off playing for the last hour and I don't know why, maybe it's just a bop. if you read this far you're an idiot, you could be doing anything else and you've watched me whine like a bitch for like 30 seconds, whos the real loser? Me obviously, I worry about you sometimes, like you've seen what a pathetic wretch I am, I've had the same song playing for a fucking hour and you thought you might be a-this joke got away from me. I really like penguins, they're such dumb animals like what do they look like? It's like they were designed to be cute and nothing else, they're like chickens but with a point. I'm not putting any paragraphs in btw it's half past 3 in the morning. I'm going loopy I swear. I'm not getting anywhere with guitar I can barely play the intro to Possessed, and that's only four different notes! Bloody hell am I still going? I found out you can use a scarf as a face mask the other day, I haven't left the house or seen someone I'm not related to 64 days. Since lockdown starts I've had far more frequent bouts of deppression, days are bleeding and I don't know weather it's night or day sometimes, and I care even less of the time. I've wtitten on my jacket with a sharpie and regret it. My wallet says FCUK on it and I keep laughing because it nearly says the fuck word. no more bye bye why did you read this you dullard

16/05/2020 Moronin'

Wassup lads? I've just spent ages trying to add a block of colour so text is easier to read and I couldn't do it. I'm inept at this website shit.

More soon, probably.

13/05/2020 Updatin'

Wassup lads? Last night I made some additions to the site, 1: I added an about page to make the description easier to read. 2: I added a page for my music opinions where I'll write about things I've listened to. 3: No more comic sans, I couldn't take it anymore, even for the joke. I'm still working on making the pages, specifically the front page easier to read.

That's all for now \m/.

12/05/2020 50th song?

Wassup lads? I finished a song I've been putting off for a while, it didn't turn out as good as I wanted but I don't have anymore ideas so fuck it. You can hear it below.

11/05/2020 Idiot

Wassup lads? I know the home page is impossible to read, I'm working on it, being the profasianl smort hughmon I am, I don't know how to add a text box.

I'll fix it soon I promise.

10/05/2020 I Got a Ruddy Site!

Wassup lads? I set up a website haven't I? on this site I'll keep a semi regular blog and and fool myself into believeing anyone reads said blog. I'll also use this site to learn html, CSS and Javascript and finally this site is a place for me to catalogue my online shenanigans. (I love how gaudy and terrible this site looks.)

Check me out on Soundcloud if you like mediocre to rubbish music.