The Totally Radical Gear of George Cadger


YOOO. this is my set up for recording bopping tunes that I put on my Soundcloud because I'm just *that* self obsorbed (what do you expect, I have a website.)

The Instruments:
Fact: Instruments drink the blood of the innocent. Fact: I have 8 instruments I use.
1 A really cheap Jaxville guitar I got for free from my sibling.
2 A really crappy 70s Kay's ripoff Les Paul I put new pots in because they broke the day I bought it.
3 A 70 quid Gear4Music mandolin that isn't particularly good, but I can't afford a better one, so it gets the job done.
4 A George Washburn electro acoustic guitar.
5 A Mapex Tornado drum kit with Paiste PST3 14" high hats, a Stagg 14" crash and an unmarked ride.
6 A Fender Blues Deluxe F harmonica I got then realised I wanted the C model.
7 A Casio lk-110 Keyboard I can't play, but I'm trying to learn.
8 An electric octave mandolin made from a 3/4 size Squire Mini Jazz Master in Olympic White
These truly are the Avengers of instruments that make it possible for me to make my sub-par tunage.

Amps + Pedals:
1, A Rockburn BC-10S-BK amp, this amp is the first and only amp I've ever owned, it's alright, I like the built in distortion, it's nice and basic and I got it free so it's pretty alright.
2 A Boss-OS-2 Overdrive and Distortion pedal I got 2nd hand for a pretty good price. It was the first pedal I got and it's alright, pretty good for stacking with the in built distortion on my amp.
3, A TC Electronic Skysurfer that I like quite a bit, it goes well with the OS-2.
4, A TC Electronic CHOKA Tremolo pedal, got this quite recently but you can get some pretty nice sounds if you put it after the Skysurfer, you can get a kinda beach-y feel, this pedal can go really slow or really fast, you can even change the wave shape! Pretty good for a 30 pound pedal.
5 a home made fuzz pedal made from a kit by the guy I bought my Kays Les Paul from. It's not great and the guy sold to me for 10 quid because he didn't like it, but I've found a use for it, if you play high notes it sounds really electronicy and the sustain is real long so I use it to play kill switch styley wiley.
And those are the secondary ingredients that make up the BytheBy Sausage.

When I record I go for that "I have no idea how to record or produce music" vibe, totally on purpose, you understand, and these are the tools I use to achieve this.
1, Mic: For a mic I use my phone, an Honor 5X from 2015 with an app called microphone or some shit plugged into my computer via aux cable, the sound quality may not be the best, and it does pick up my incredibly loud PC, but who cares I'll distort it to shit anyway.
2, Software: For editing my recordings together I use Audacity version 2.3.2 because I haven't updated yet, there are probably more useful alternatives, idk I haven't looked but are they free? didn't think so. For when I wanna use digital drums or sythns I use FL Studio, you probably know what this is. If I'm making fully midi songs I use Beepbox, it's so good, just a midi piano roll that's great for getting ideas up there.
3, Interface: I recently added a Scarlett 2i2 music interface to my collection because it was going cheap, I haven't recorded with it proper yet but the tests I've done sound pretty good, much cleaner than I'm used to so maybe I'll start recording cleaner less distorted music soon.
And thats what I use for getting my amazing music direct from my 60 pound guitar direct to your ears, fan noise included!

Thats that, just a small page about what gear I use, I hope this was useful I guess, I just wanted more content for this site to be honest. I highly doubt you'll actually want to use what I do because I have no idea what I'm doing, but if for some reason you do, this is the shit to get. Peace out lads.