The Totally Radical Opinions of George Cadger


26/05/2020 List Thing

Wassup lads? This is a top whatever list of shit I like.

1# Suicidal Tendencies: a fairly well know cross-over thrash band, I prefer their early punk albums such as the self titled album and Join the Army, they're pretty good if you like a guy being really over the top and some good solos. (PS: AVOID STILL CYCO IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY RECORDED ON THEIR FIFTEEN MINUTE LUNCH BREAK)

2# Wavves: a really good lo-fi/rock band and a really ok pop punk band, listen to Wavvves and the unrealesed Babes (Also front man Nathan Williams is a landlord, so fuck him)

3# Dead Kennedys: They need no introduction, everyone even slighty into punk knows them, if you somehow don't know em I would recommend any of their albums, but Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables is probably the best

4# M.D.C: M.D.C (Or Millions of Dead Cops) is an absolute classic punk band, I'm a fan of their first 2 albums, I haven't got around to listening to all of their stuff yet, but I'm working on it. Listen to the self titled album and Smoke Signals.

5# Bad Brains: Despite these guys being legendary in the punk scene, I've only heard their first album recently, but I did really like it and as such is on this list. I'd recommend an album or two here but I've only heard their first album so go listen to that.

6# Conclusion: I'm bored of this now so I'm gonna stop, I know most/all of my recommendations are well known but what do you want from me the most obscure band I like I did a post about anyway so eh. I won't deny it though I do mainly listen to the same few albums on repeat, this is getting rambly now so bye, hope someone gives a fuck about this.

BONUS ROUND: I wasn't that bored clearly. This aint really a recommendation because it kinda sucks but the Wavves landlord guy did a demo in 2005 called TNDRNSS and I'm quite fond of it, it's probably mixture of Wavves was the first band I really liked and TNDRNSS sounding really nostalgic to me for some reason. He was also in a band in 2007 called Fantastic magic that only released one album called Witch Choir which I like a lot too, but it's an aquired taste. (aquired taste meaning you have to be an idiot) You may wonder why I know so much about this guy who I aint a fan of, because as said before I used to like this guy a rather lot for whatever reason and I listend to what I think is every song he's had a part in when I was younger, before I had much of an issues with landlords. Yes it was a weird obsession.

13/05/2020 Designerboys

Wassup lads? I found this band called Designer/Designerboys/Desig69ner while looking for the de stijl pressing of the album Wavvves (By the band Wavves), instead I found an EP called wavvves and at first I thought it was a wavves release I hadn't heard of before, then I realised it had nothing to do with them and promtly listend to it. The EP contains 2 songs, Slowpoke and Magic C, the first being a fast distorted attack with impossible to understand lyrics, the second, while still fast is slower and is way easier to understand, although I still can't tell what the instruments are (maybe I'm an idiot who knows?) the EP is great imo I love how ballastic it is, it may have been better than the thing I was looking for in the first place.

I've heard their other stuff too and it's great, with their compilation cassette TOUR being my favourite. Sadly the last I could find them doing anything music related (and I couldn't even verify it) was way back in 2015, I would love more from these guys, but they've probably moved on. If you wanna check em out here's their bandcamp.