The Totally Radical Grave of George Cadger's Kerbals

Dedicated to those we lost in persuit of personal satisfaction

Here lies Valentina Kerman, drowned in the ocean after jumping from her rocket (Someone hadn't figured out how to activate the parachute) as it was about to explode on it's way through the atmosphere. A huge dissapointment, Valentina will always be remembered as the prick that didn't even make it to space.

Here lies Dottie Kerman, starved in space while orbiting Kerbol after leaping from her spacecraft in a last ditch attempt to get to the Mun. Could have been a hero, ended up a failure of a Kerbal.

Here lies Beafrid Kerman, First Kerbal to get to a different planet/moon from Kerbin. Probably starved to death on Minmus after not having enough fuel to take off again. A true hero of the Kerbals, she will be remembered fondly.

Here lies Bill Kerman, tragically died when he was showing off by standing on the ladders outside his pod when it skimmed the atmosphere of Kerbin due to a wonky orbit. He will always be rememberd as one of the group of three Kerbals that were the first in orbit. Not all heros follow safety precaution, shame.

Here lies an unknown Kerbal, died as the twat plowed their rocket into the Mun at mach 12. Sorely missed.

Here lies James Kerman, one of the greatest Kerbals ever got, James earned a name for himself after he rescued Lely Kerman, who was stranded on minmus along with Beafrid (but there wasn't enough room for beafrid in the rocket.) He was the first kerbal, along with Lely Kerman, to return to Kerbin safely after going to space. He tragically passed away after slamming into the ground while using his jetback on Duna while he was on his way to rescue Lely Kerman, after she stranded herself on the planet. He was the hero we wanted and needed, at least until he got cocky on Duna, which as we can all agree, was a pretty pathetic showing.