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Wassup lads? I added a page for the testimonials I get everyday, I may add more at some time or other.


Wassup lads? I dunno who cares but I know I'll get it done if I post it here, getting to the point, I'm hoping to release an album this year, I'll use misc tracks (some rerecorded) from my soundcloud and I'll have some I haven't released yet, I'm real excited cuz I've been writing this for like 9-10 months now and I THINK it'll be ready to go live in Q3 2021 with a length of 35-40 minutes, if you like the experimental ambient noise bollocks I've posted on my soundcloud before you MAY be intrested, I think it sounds pretty neat so far. it'll be free on soundcloud btw.


I made a new demo, I made it in audacity with recordings of me playing guitar and ukulele and I'm decently pleased with the semi finished result. (It's on my soundcloud if you want to hear it.)

29/05/2020 ???

I don't know what was up with that last post. I'll update the site with a discogrophy soon.

26/05/2020 Ramblin'

Wassup lads? I'm really bored, it sucks to be bored, but to be boring and bored? fucking inexcusable. I'm faily lucky when it comes to quarentine as I didn't leave the house anyway and I don't have any friends, which is a pretty depressing thought aint it? I'm probably as sociable alive as dead (not implying anything suicidal there) I just don't know how to function socially, I normally just resort to being absurd which don't work too good. I'm plagued by a subtle feeling of hopelessness a lot and spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself like a dickhead. As of late I'm considering joining an anarchist society to do... something, I don't really know why I want to, I'm to useless to actually be of any help but y'know, not like I'm doing anything else. I've had the song Nazi Punks Fuck Off playing for the last hour and I don't know why, maybe it's just a bop. if you read this far you're an idiot, you could be doing anything else and you've watched me whine like a bitch for like 30 seconds, whos the real loser? Me obviously, I worry about you sometimes, like you've seen what a pathetic wretch I am, I've had the same song playing for a fucking hour and you thought you might be a-this joke got away from me. I really like penguins, they're such dumb animals like what do they look like? It's like they were designed to be cute and nothing else, they're like chickens but with a point. I'm not putting any paragraphs in btw it's half past 3 in the morning. I'm going loopy I swear. I'm not getting anywhere with guitar I can barely play the intro to Possessed, and that's only four different notes! Bloody hell am I still going? I found out you can use a scarf as a face mask the other day, I haven't left the house or seen someone I'm not related to 64 days. Since lockdown starts I've had far more frequent bouts of deppression, days are bleeding and I don't know weather it's night or day sometimes, and I care even less of the time. I've wtitten on my jacket with a sharpie and regret it. My wallet says FCUK on it and I keep laughing because it nearly says the fuck word. no more bye bye why did you read this you dullard

16/05/2020 Moronin'

Wassup lads? I've just spent ages trying to add a block of colour so text is easier to read and I couldn't do it. I'm inept at this website shit.

More soon, probably.

13/05/2020 Updatin'

Wassup lads? Last night I made some additions to the site, 1: I added an about page to make the description easier to read. 2: I added a page for my music opinions where I'll write about things I've listened to. 3: No more comic sans, I couldn't take it anymore, even for the joke. I'm still working on making the pages, specifically the front page easier to read.

That's all for now \m/.

12/05/2020 50th song?

Wassup lads? I finished a song I've been putting off for a while, it didn't turn out as good as I wanted but I don't have anymore ideas so fuck it. You can hear it below.

11/05/2020 Idiot

Wassup lads? I know the home page is impossible to read, I'm working on it, being the profasianl smort hughmon I am, I don't know how to add a text box.

I'll fix it soon I promise.

10/05/2020 I Got a Ruddy Site!

Wassup lads? I set up a website haven't I? on this site I'll keep a semi regular blog and and fool myself into believeing anyone reads said blog. I'll also use this site to learn html, CSS and Javascript and finally this site is a place for me to catalogue my online shenanigans. (I love how gaudy and terrible this site looks.)

Check me out on Soundcloud if you like mediocre to rubbish music.