The Totally Radical Info of George Cadger


Why does this wicked website exist?

Good question I'm glad you asked it, being a really famous good musician, I needed a site that reflects my wacky indivisualism and acted as a hub for the shit I get up to, and this site was born! (Also mainly because I need something to keep me occupied while the THING is happening)

Who the hell are you?

I'm a drama student who makes music in their free time, I am also comically famous. He/Him/anything.

I don't know why I'd want to, but where can I download your music?

You can download the tracks indivisually on my SoundCloud, but I understand that's a faff so I set up a Google Docs for the music, most of the music can be found Here. Just to be clear, if you buy the albums on Bandcamp they do have like, 4 exclusive tracks between them, but that's mainly as an apology for anyone who had the misfortune of buying my sub-par music.

Where else can you find me?





Or you can shoot me an email at Bymusicdude@gmail.com

Are you delusional?